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Information regarding the Neighborhood Watch Program and contact numbers community services are available to our neighbors

will  be posted here.  We are also postings information to help keep our residents safe.



Eiler Heights

is a Neighborhood Watch community.

Download a Neighborhood Watch packet. Volunteer to be a Block Captain or just learn more about keeping your block and neighborhood safer.

See criminal activity?

Call the Pueblo Police Department’s non-emergency Dispatch number of (719) 553-2502.

Make a Police Report

Need to make a police report without having to call 911 or Police Dispatch?  Submit a report online at  www.police.pueblo.us/p2c.

Reverse 911

Register your mobile device for emergency Reverse 911 calls at www.pueblo.us/index.aspx?NID=977.

Pueblo City/County Health Department

Health and safety issues

(719) 583-4339

Pueblo Regional Building Department

Building regulations and condemnation

(719) 543-0002

Police Support Technicians

Weeds, trash, and junk vehicles

(719) 553-2592

Public Works

Public rights of way issues

(such streets and sidewalks)

(719) 553-2295

Zoning Code Enforcement

Illegal home businesses, building setbacks, signs, and other code enforcement issues

(719) 553-2352

Learn more about protecting your home.  Download the “A Few Simple Ways to Discourage Break-ins” pamphlet.