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The Colorado Smelter Superfund Site Map has been obtained.

Through a Freedom of Information Act request, the initial “area of interest” has been released in a clear .pdf copy.  This “Area of Interest” map shows an outline for which the EPA sent some residents the Soil and Indoor Dust Sampling and Consent for Access letters. The red boundary will change as the EPA starts to sample and test resident’s yards and interiors.

Click on the map to the right to download the .pdf  map recently obtained from the EPA.

EPA Map v2.pdf

The Colorado Smelter Superfund Site Map Address List  for which the EPA sent out copies of the Soil and Indoor Dust Sampling and Consent for Access letters was also requested. This request was denied.  For some reason the EPA does not want this information to be released.  

A request was made to the City of Pueblo’s Department of Planning and Community Development for an address for properties (residential and land) within a half mile of the Slag Pile.  The request was granted.  

Click here for an Excel spreadsheet copy of the Address List. Note: This address list is NOT the same address list in possession of the EPA.  It was compiled for informational purposes only.  To the right is the half mile area for which addresses were compiled by the City.

Half Mile.jpg